Event Platform Features

With Hapspot’s unique event platform, you are given all the tools needed to host an event. From how it’s designed and showcased to potential ticket holder – to communicating with cus-tomers and members of your team. Our event platform puts you in control so that your event will run exactly as you want it to.

Custom Branding

Use your own existing logo and content or create something new to showcase your brand to your audience and ticket holders.

Custom Domain

With a unique and custom domain, customers and ticket holders will be directed to your specific event website.

Mobile Friendly

Platform is easily accessible to you the event holder, as well as potential ticket buyers. The mobile version is just as user friendly as the desktop version.

Event Calendar

Use the event calendar to keep track all of current and upcoming events, as well as keep track of number of tickets sold per event.

Event Chat-board

Communicate with team members on the event chat board to make set up of each event seamless and run smoothly.

Event Emails

Communicate with your ticket holders via email while also sending them ticket confirmation, payment receipt, and other event details pre-show time. Easily send upcoming events and event offers from existing email subscriber lists.

Customer Profile

Give customers the option to create a personalized profile. You will then be able to keep in contact and keep them in the know of your future events.

Conversation Tracking

Keep an archived chat history with each customer, and share with other team members, so everyone can be up to date with each conversation.

Activity Log

The activity log gives you the opportunity to see what steps you’ve taken in setting up your event, as well as what events you’ve hosted in the past.

Traffic Analytics

Traffic analytics gives you a better understanding of your event’s reach. It shows you detailed information on how many views your event has, as well as how many clicks each event has gotten.

Usage Analytics

Usage analytics give you detailed insight into how customers interact with your events and help you to better understand how to interact with your customers.

Team Members & Roles

Easily keep track of team members and assign their specific roles to make sure each event runs smoothly and goes as planned.

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