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Easily reach all members of your church’s congregation at home by hosting a live church service. Combine the music, sermon, and any other parts of your church service on our platform where attendees can watch from home (or anywhere!). This can be a completely fundraised event, where service is free & donations are welcome.


Host any charity fundraiser live and fund the event completely by donations. Donations can be accepted prior to the event, and for a set amount of time after. Include live raffles to raise money during the event as well.


Safely and securely sell tickets ahead of time for events whether it be live music, a class, or any other type of live performance. Create different pricing tiers to encourage ticket holders to purchase ahead of time (early bird specials, special discounts, etc.)


Aside from live events, on-demand viewing is a great way for ticket holders to view events on their own schedule. By adding a preset fee, video on demand is an easy and convenient op-tion to show your prerecorded event on the ticket holder’s watch.


Bring the group atmosphere to a virtual location with our group class option. Host your group class, whether it be yoga or a workout course, with the option for each customer to interact throughout the class and feel as if they are actually working together.


Save time and space by hosting your next corporate event virtually. Choose to have one main speaker, or give coworkers the opportunity to communicate throughout the event. With the ability to reach large numbers of viewers, corporate events are the perfect opportunity to use a web based platform.

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