Streaming Features

Hapspot’s streaming features give your viewers a variety of options in accessing your event, so that every ticket holder is able to view at their convenience.
Our streaming features are always high quality – high speed, so your customer can have the best viewing experience possible.

Live Broadcast

Broadcast your event live and real time with the live streaming option. Viewers will be able to attend event in real time as if they were attending in person. The live stream option can be included as an add on for existing paid customers.

Video On Demand

Give ticket holders the option to tune into events on their own schedule with Video On De-mand. With a preset fee, VOD is an easy and convenient option to show your prerecorded event on the ticket holder’s watch

1:1 Interactive Streaming

Add an exclusive bonus to your events with the 1 on 1 event interaction. This option allows event attendees to easily and authentically converse throughout the event in a virtual environment for an added fee.

Automatic Recording

Automatic recording gives you the option to record your event from start to finish and store for later viewing. At the end of each recorded event, you will given the option to download a copy.

Audience Reactions

Use your own existing logo and content or create something new to showcase your brand to your audience and ticket holders.

Tip Jar

Let your audience show their support by reacting during the event. Examples include: send-ing heart, clap, and other emojis throughout the event for others to see.

Web Studio

We give you all the necessary controls to create your own studio on your laptop or smartphone. You will be able to create, produce, and edit your event content with ease and guidance from our site.

Customizable Settings

Completely edit your content the way you want with our customizable settings. We provide you the tools to edit, while you choose exactly how to set up every aspect of your event.

Test Mode

Gives you the option to test your event from start to finish to make sure ahead of time every-thing runs without a hitch.

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