We know the deal. We feel your pain. Here are our superstar workhorse recipes, designed and tested to help you cook a great family meal.

Simply Fabulous Thanksgiving

Ready to get out the good china and celebrate Thanksgiving in style? More in the mood for a low-key affair with optional turkey? Go fabulous, go simple, or go somewhere in the middle — the editors of Simply Recipes have something for everyone this Thanksgiving.

Letter from the Editor

When the editors at Simply Recipes gathered this past July to start planning out Thanksgiving, we spent the first several minutes blinking at each other through our Zoom screens and stumbling for how to begin. After more than a year of not knowing what to expect two weeks from now, much less five months from now, we all felt a certain amount of commitment-phobia. What would the world look like in November? Would we be gathering in small groups? Large groups? Would you, our readers, want a full Thanksgiving buffet with all the bells and whistles, or a simpler spread best enjoyed in comfy sweatpants? Who could say?

In the end, we decided to go with what we ourselves were craving the most: a chance to put on the fancy outfits we hadn’t worn for over a year, pour a glass of something sparkly, and sit down to a meal with people we care about. We wanted to give some TLC to the traditional Thanksgiving dishes we love the most, take a hall pass on the ones we don’t, and maybe use the opportunity of an extra-festive Thanksgiving to try out a new recipe or two.


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