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Empowering a global community of investors to discover the power of cutting-edge Black Technology.

Who We Are?

We’re driven by a passion for Black Technology – the exceedingly advanced counterpart to mainstream science. Named Black Tech Ventures for this very reason, we’re a group of talented visionaries and venture capitalists who are helping investors across the globe. Our mission is to help you to realize the potential of Black Technology and find your next successful investment, all while assisting the professional management of your funds.

There’s no doubt that investment in Black Technology is riskier than your average investment. It’s usually researched, developed and funded by governments and militaries, elucidating its revolutionary potential. And like most things high-risk, Black Tech returns can be colossal.

In order to improve the success rate of Black Tech investment, an alternative style of venture capitalist is required. Our investors must have extraordinary technological vision, advanced innovative talent, and outstanding resource management on their side.

That’s where we come in.

The Black Tech Philosophy

The advancement of technology has defined the society we live in today. We believe it has the power to better civilization, eliminating barbarism for the greater good. Our philosophy is simple: we help our clients to harness the power of Black Tech to maximize their wealth, all while encouraging freedom, elevating safety and accelerating evolution.

Innovative Investments. Endless Opportunities.

Ultimate Machine Intelligence (UMI)

Artificial Intelligence is the future. Better known as AI, it’s a concept driven by big data and advanced research, developed to deliver seamless automation and machine learning. UMI is an innovative AI approach that empowers machines to self-create and develop their own intelligence by collecting and learning from big data independently.

Self-Evolving Software (SES)

Most computer software is designed, created, and maintained by engineers and programmers. Self-evolving software is changing the game forever, encouraging self-creation, self-maintenance and self-development by utilizing Ultimate Machine Intelligence. SES is set to be the future of technology, minimizing costs and maximizing output for all-round success.

Unlimited Energy Micro-Generator (UEMG)

Finding new and more effective ways of powering our devices is a priority for most technology industries. Portable nuclear batteries, also known as Unlimited Energy Micro-Generators, can keep smartphones, electric vehicles, and other technological devices powered up and running for months – even years – without charging.

Precision Guided Micro-Weapon (PGMW)

Disarming evil should be a priority in order to envisage a brighter, safer future. Precision Guided Micro-Weapons are designed to do just that. Without collateral damage, this intelligent and fast-moving technology is currently used by the NSA and Police to destroy a target with full control and cost-efficiency, all while protecting innocent communities.

Decentralized Finance (DF)

If you’re looking for a real future-forward investment, decentralized finance is the way to go. Founded on blockchain technology, DF works in much the same way as traditional finance, all without reliance on intermediaries like banks or brokerages. The most well known cryptocurrencies are already taking the world by storm.

Disaster-Free Unit (DFU)

With the world changing day by day, there’s no way of predicting what kind of natural disasters we’re yet to face. Disaster-Free Unit technology has been designed to protect life and assets from damage or loss in these circumstances. In cases of disaster, a DFU can self-detach and move out of hazard zones effectively.

Safe Combat Unit (SCU)

AI is the future of society, and Safe Combat Units are the future of conflict. SCU technology is the next-generation robotic soldier or police representative. Using concepts driven by Ultimate Machine Intelligence, this technology takes military AI to the next level. Smart enough to distinguish between targets and civilians, it’s designed to mitigate harm to innocent people.

Damage-Proof Material (DPM)

Bulletproof clothing and stealth suits are designed in Damage-Proof Material. This world-class tech includes Unbreakable Artificial Skin which can not be penetrated by sharps or aggressive weapons. The word is spreading fast about DPMs and we predict they’ll be used by most nations in the years to come.

Ultimate Virtual Reality (UVR)

Predicted by the award-winning film Inception, UVR black technology has the power to transform how we live our lives forever. Through neural signal interceptions and artificial transmissions, this technology can increase dopamine and better quality of life by creating a personalized and happier virtual world.

Invest in a Technological Future

We offer the exclusive chance for visionaries and forward-thinking investors to join us on the Black Tech journey. Through advanced investment advice and expert-led guidance, we can help you to harness the world of Black Technology and maximize your wealth potential.

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